"Missing shares" for common repairs: what can your council do for you?



"Missing shares" for common repairs: what can your council do for you?
Living in a tenement can be a wonderful experience. The unique architecture, rich history, and vibrant communities make tenements a sought-after housing option. However, when it comes to shared repairs, the process can sometimes become daunting, especially when dealing with non-paying owners who refuse to contribute their fair share. But fear not! Your local council may have a solution through the Missing Share Scheme.

What is the Missing Share Scheme?

The Missing Share Scheme was established by the Scottish Government to assist tenement owners in situations where one or more owners are not contributing to shared repairs. It aims to bridge the funding gap by providing financial assistance for necessary repairs, making it easier for tenement owners to carry out repairs and maintenance, even when faced with non-paying owners.

How does it work?

The Missing Share Scheme works by allowing tenement owners to apply for funding from their local council when one or more owners are not paying their share of repairs. The council will review the application and, if approved, can provide funding to cover the missing share. This allows the repairs to go ahead, ensuring the tenement is maintained in good condition and the health and safety of residents are protected.

Why is it important?

Non-paying owners can be a significant hurdle when it comes to shared repairs in tenements. It can create financial strain for other owners, delay repairs and even lead to disputes among neighbours. The Missing Share Scheme helps to address this issue by providing a solution that enables repairs to proceed, regardless of non-paying owners.

Moreover, maintaining the condition of a tenement is crucial for preserving its historical and architectural value. Tenements are often part of Scotland’s cultural heritage and neglecting repairs can result in irreversible damage to these cherished buildings. The Missing Share Scheme ensures that tenements can be properly maintained and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

How to apply?

If you are a tenement owner facing challenges with non-paying owners and shared repairs, the Missing Share Scheme may be able to help. To apply, contact your local council or visit their website to obtain information and application forms. It’s crucial to fulfil the specific conditions outlined by the Missing Share Scheme, and this is where the Novoville Shared Repairs app can be of help.

It can assist you with:

- setting up a payment account to hold funds from owners for common repair and maintenance costs;

- providing the needed evidence that an owner has not paid their share of repair costs into the maintenance account by the final payment deadline;

- providing owners with the required paperwork: a notice of defect, an invitation to vote, a notice of scheme decision and a notice of payment letter, to ensure they are following the correct process (this information can be used in the issuing of a Section 50 notice).

The app is live in the following councils that have active Missing Share Schemes: Edinburgh, Perth & Kinross and Dundee.

Shared repairs in tenements can be challenging, especially when faced with non-paying owners. However, with the support of your local council’s Missing Share Scheme and the Novoville Shared Repairs app, you can rise above these challenges and ensure that necessary repairs are carried out to maintain the condition and value of your tenement.

This is what one of our users, Roman had to say about the process: "The Novoville app / team are a great support to anyone who wants to get a project done. I was very uncertain about our chances of success, but we came through in the end. Doing what the app says allowed me to get the council to pay Missing Shares."

If you are unsure of whether your local council can assist with your potential "Missing Shares", send us an email at and we will see if we can assist.