Landlord Story: How Roman’s patience paid off



Landlord Story: How Roman’s patience paid off

Roman has been a Novoville user since the beginning of 2022 and owns a property in Restalrig Road, EH7. He does however not live in Edinburgh and rents out his property.

In January 2022, his tenement experienced some roof and gutter issues and a repair was needed. But he was not in town! The Novoville app enabled Roman to manage and organise the entire repair from a remote location. This repair was a costly one, like many roof repairs where little has been done for decades.

Roman invited all owners to join the app and 8 owners did so. This helped reduce the number of people he had to engage with himself. He sourced 2 quotes from reputable contractors. They were not listed as part of the local “Trusted Trader” scheme, but this didn’t prevent him from using the app.

After most owners paid their share, Roman realised that one or two owners would not pay, despite his following the correct process. The decision was made to take the case to the Edinburgh Missing Share Service.

After serving the correct paperwork, and waiting for the council to pay missing shares into his Novoville payment account (which took a couple of months), Roman was able to complete the roof repair, and make sure no one was out of pocket to make up the missing share.