Novoville Shared Retrofit: why we went to COP26 and what it means for you



Novoville Shared Retrofit: why we went to COP26 and what it means for you
Since the launch of Novoville Shared Repairs in April 2021, we have been on a mission to bring proprietors together within their own “virtual tenement”, a space dedicated to managing the condition of their building. To date, thousands of proprietors have joined their virtual tenement and started progressing important repairs and maintenance work.

For all our clients, and virtually any proprietor in a shared block, energy efficiency is going to be one of the main topics of concern over the next 20 years.

The reasons for it are two-fold:
- Energy efficiency targets in Scotland mean that rapid upgrades are necessary
- The law requires unanimous consent amongst owners for such works.

In many tenement blocks today, getting a majority in favour of maintenance is hard work. Getting unanimous consent for energy upgrade works, which can be more impactful, could be even more difficult. And yet proper repair and maintenance is a precondition to energy efficiency. If the building isn’t wind or water-tight, installing a heat pump will not yield the expected result.

Our mission is to help every homeowner in Scotland on their journey towards energy efficiency, right from their “virtual tenement” on the Novoville app.

We were tremendously honoured to be selected amongst nearly 200 applicants to participate in the Tech for our Planet programme alongside 9 other companies which are striving to make a major and essential contribution to the global climate effort. The programme, which was delivered by the Cabinet Office and PUBLIC, gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations with your local authorities, the government, and other public bodies, in order to facilitate the purchase, installation and financing of energy efficiency upgrades.

Alongside our work with public authorities, we also undertook a large-scale consultation of Scottish Homeowners, asking about their awareness about energy efficiency. We saw that money and access to grants was an important concern. We also learnt that many would be inclined to use a web solution for discussing and purchasing them.

To view the full consultation results, download our White Paper here: Download

On the day of the Built Environment, at COP26, we presented our vision to bring the energy-efficiency upgrade market into your pocket, and an upgrade plan to every building in Scotland. This was a chance to raise awareness about a practical solution designed to help people do something difficult, but right. Making your home energy-efficient makes sense for the planet, for your finances, and for your comfort.

We’re excited about what lies ahead. If you share our goals and you’d like to work with us to achieve our vision, get in touch with us.

Watch the presentation of Novoville Shared Retrofit at COP26 here: Watch Video