Edinburgh World Heritage & Novoville: Preserving Edinburgh's Architecture



Edinburgh World Heritage & Novoville: Preserving Edinburgh's Architecture


Edinburgh is a place where history comes alive through its stunning architectural heritage. From the mediaeval charm of the Old Town to the elegance of the Georgian New Town, the city boasts a wealth of historical buildings and sites that have captivated visitors and locals alike. Recognising the importance of conserving these treasures, Edinburgh World Heritage has established a grants program to support their protection and maintenance.

Edinburgh World Heritage:

Edinburgh World Heritage is an independent charity dedicated to the city’s proactive conservation and has run its impactful grants and funding programmes for over 50 years, supporting over 1500 projects for the city and its people.

Edinburgh World Heritage grants and funding programmes are an invaluable source of funding dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the city’s historic structures. The organisation administers this program, which aims to preserve the authenticity, character and outstanding universal value of Edinburgh’s architectural gems for future generations.

The funding primarily targets owners or custodians of historic buildings and sites located within the boundaries of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (see image below). These funds can be used for a wide range of purposes related to conservation and repair works, such as addressing issues with roofs, stonework, windows and other architectural features.

However, the support provided by Edinburgh World Heritage extends beyond financial aid. Recognising the importance of upholding conservation principles and guidelines, the organisation also offers technical advice, guidance and expertise to grant recipients. By doing so, they ensure that conservation works are carried out to the highest standards, preserving the integrity and historical value of the structures.

Novoville Shared Repairs:

Novoville Shared Repairs can easily be used on conjunction with funding from Edinburgh World Heritage. The platform facilitates communication and coordination among homeowners, allowing them to easily obtain quotes, participate in voting and collect funds through a modernised payments account. By overcoming barriers and simplifying the process, this approach revolutionises the way property owners engage in shared repair projects.

What users say about Novoville Shared Repairs App in conjunction with Edinburgh World Heritage:

“Our project is to repair and renovate the roof, chimneys and stonework of a prominent 1870s tenement in Edinburgh’s Old Town, where some of the original materials have deteriorated and need to be replaced. We chose to use the Novoville app, and associated bank account, as we found that most of the traditional banks had either withdrawn their Treasurer Accounts or they had very lengthy setup periods of up to 12 weeks. The bank account within the Novoville app gets set up pretty much immediately, which was very welcome as we were under some time pressure to get everything in place before the project started.

The app also generated an appropriately worded email to notify each owner how much they needed to contribute and how to pay, and I was able to track those payments as they came in. Overall I’d say that the Novoville app would be very useful for a more standard repair project as it ensures that all the appropriate steps are followed. For a non-standard project like ours, we did require some support, but Novoville has been very helpful with their advice and a little back-end help, too.”
, George, EH1.


Edinburgh World Heritage funding plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the historic built environment of Edinburgh. By providing financial support and technical expertise, the organisation contributes to the conservation and restoration of the city’s architectural treasures. The grants, in conjunction with initiatives like the Novoville Shared Repairs program, help preserve Edinburgh’s unique architectural heritage and ensure its long-term sustainability as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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