Novoville Shared Repairs is now Live in Glasgow.



Novoville Shared Repairs is now Live in Glasgow.
A new app to organise common repairs in tenement buildings is now available to use across Glasgow. The Novoville Shared Repairs app allows people who have any property in co-ownership to join their ‘virtual tenement’ in which they can connect with other owners and manage their block’s repairs and maintenance needs from start to finish.

Who can use the app?

The app is mostly used by self-factoring tenements, but can also be used by any tenement where a project or repair falls outside of the scope of their factoring agreement. On the app, repair or maintenance work can simply be reported to tenement proprietors, and then progressed. Contractors can be contacted and quotes received through the app.

Owners then use an in-built voting system to select their preferred contractor and can pay their share of the cost into a secure account available in the app rather than one owner having to coordinate those payments - keeping the whole experience smooth and secure.

This is what everyone had to say

Duncan Thomson, Group Manager – Private Sector Housing at Glasgow City Council, said:
“Novoville was originally commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council who were given funding by the SG to devise a digital solution to make it easier for private owners to carry out common repairs. The app is now widely used in Edinburgh and other local authority areas.

Glasgow City Council has been monitoring the progress of the app and is keen for a digital solution which will enable owners in tenement buildings to engage with each other in the repair and maintenance of their properties.

This app will provide a platform for owners to share information and highlight the need for property repairs, organise quotes for the work and deposit their money safely in a regulated account. Glasgow City Council supports the introduction of the app as this should assist owners and help speed up the process of carrying out common repairs.”

Louis Daillencourt from Novoville said:
“We are very grateful for Glasgow City Council’s help in making the app available here. We’re looking forward to helping Glaswegians homeowners with common repair problems get things done with the app. And it’s not just about pride of place: it’s a lot more cost-effective to maintain buildings than to repair them. In times of high energy costs, fabric repairs and maintenance are a simple and effective way to keep your home warmer, wind and watertight, and avoid unnecessary high energy bills. We also call on every factor in Glasgow to get in touch with us to see how we can work together. Great customer engagement is only one integration away!”

The app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play, with a small fee (2% (plus VAT) at time of writing) chargeable upon the completion of a successful repair or maintenance project.

A high-level overview of the in-app process can be found here.